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About Me

I just discovered I am a children's illustrator trapped in a photographers body. 

The art on these pages is the culmination of a lifelong immersion with the world of children. Whether it was having 8 of my own  (and now 8 grandchildren), launching educational technology companies that sought to reinvent mind numbing school as I knew it or trying to save children through my non-profit work, I have been blessed with a life brimming with children.


Having miraculously escaped the soul-crushing time that was my own childhood, when I was given the clear message that I had no worth, I have not left behind the need to rescue the little girl that was me. I suspect this is a clue to my work. 


I first picked up a Polaroid when I was 10. It was magical. I was worried it was too late to capture my baby sister's adorableness when we she was the ripe old age of 2.  No "childhood is wonder" tropes. Just a confession that I am not entirely sure why these images have been buried deeply inside of me, but it's been healing that they have finally found their way out. 


Art has power. I'd like to think my art speaks so I can get out of the way.

Please reach out to me. I am making time for commissions and projects that help reveal and pursue truth and justice. For children.

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